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Ascending G Major Scale Pattern [Guitar]

By Bennett Sullivan on Jun 1, 2019


Here's a guitar scale pattern in the key of G major that is great for both technique and for bluegrass vocabulary. This is what we call the 1231 2342 pattern, which refers to the scale degrees. For example, the 'G' note on the 3rd fret, 6th string is the first scale degree, or the '1'. The A note is number 2, B is 3, and so on.

If we were to show this scale pattern as notes in the scale, it would look like this:


Using scale degrees as a way to understand and communicate notes and scales is helpful because concepts and patterns can be easily transferred to different keys. It's kind of like using the Nashville Number system instead of saying the actual name of the chord. Once you get used to communicating and thinking in that way, it's a lot easier.

Learn this scale pattern with the tab below or


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