Dueling Banjos

By Bennett Sullivan on Jun 11, 2018


We're so excited to have collaborated with Deering Banjos for this lesson on Dueling Banjos!

This lesson in broken up into 7 sections, starting with five key phrases you hear in the original recording of Dueling Banjos. The final two sections include the Breakdown and the Ending.

The breakdown arrangement here is based off of the original recording with Eric Weissberg on banjo but is not by any means his exact solo. The final phrases are identical to what he plays, as is the ending.

Watch the lesson below and make sure you check out the free tablature here.


Laverne Sharp

12/02/2019, 01:12 AM

Very well done thanks for sharing.

James Willis

10/25/2019, 20:50 PM

Thank You

Bennett with Tunefox

09/09/2019, 15:06 PM

Hey Joe, you can access Tunefox on an Android tablet or on your computer. We're hard at work on an Android app!

Joe Reed

09/07/2019, 00:01 AM

Do your lessons download on my android phone

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