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Banjo tablatures for Dueling Banjos

Arthur Smith

Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #instrumental, #soundtrack music, #up-tempo

What a classic! Don't paddle faster, slow down and learn this steady before you go for speed. Definitely start out with the From the Top! arrangement. This one teaches you the classic call and response melody that is so familiar to many. The Breakdown and Ending is some pretty serious Scruggs style banjo playing so don't beat yourself up if it is tough to play, or tough to play fast for you. Go what ever speed you need to.

Check out the video tutorial for both arrangements. Once you click on one of the arrangements the video preview will be above the tablature on the right hand side. Just click or tap on that, hit play and you're good to go.

  • Banjo Dueling Banjos From the Top!

    From the Top!

    This is the very beginning of Dueling Banjos, where the guitar player initiates the duel with the banjo player. In this tab you'll find the first few phrases played at a slow tempo.

    Banjo Dueling Banjos From the Top!
  • Banjo Dueling Banjos Breakdown and Ending

    Breakdown and Ending

    This is the breakdown part of Dueling banjos where the guitarist begins to play in time. It starts out with Phrase #2 and progresses from there into the fast picking part we all kno...

    Banjo Dueling Banjos Breakdown and Ending