Dueling Banjos banjo tabs & chords

  • From the Top!


    This is the very beginning of Dueling Banjos, where the guitar player initiates the duel with the banjo player. In this tab you'll find the first few phrases played at a slow tempo.

    • Key G
    • 80 bpm
    • Tuning gDGBD
    Play From the Top!
  • This is the breakdown part of Dueling banjos where the guitarist begins to play in time. It starts out with Phrase #2 and progresses from there into the fast picking part we all know and love. Once you've learned this arrangement make sure you switch out some of the licks to learn alternate versions of this solo.

    • Key G
    • 120 bpm
    • Tuning gDGBD
    Play Breakdown and Ending

More about Dueling Banjos Banjo song

Written by Arthur Smith in 1954, this song was originally called Fuedin’ Banjos and was first recorded by Smith and Don Reno in 1955. It gained a large amount of popularity in the 1972 film, Deliverance, where it was arranged and recorded by Eric Weissberg and Steve Mandell. There have been countless versions of this tune by artists such as Earl Scruggs, Bela Fleck, and more.

Dueling Banjos features a cheeky duel between a guitar and banjo, as performed in the version heard in Deliverance. The guitar plays phrases slowly and out of time and the banjo matches those phrases exactly. After a bit of dueling, the first tempo is set and the banjo plays a Scruggs Style solo over I, IV, and V chords. Then, it speeds up and the solo is played again but in a more flashy way.

Learn Dueling Banjos with the Tunefox tabs shown on this page. The tabs are separated into two sections so you can more easily learn the different parts to this tune. “From the Top” will guide you through the slower parts of Dueling Banjos and there’s also a video embedded in the tab to help you see how to play the parts. In the “Breakdown and Ending”, you’ll learn the flashy fast part of dueling banjos so you can impress all of your friends at the next jam session. The ending of Dueling Banjos is also very cool, so don’t forget to learn that as well.