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How to change the Backing Track settings

By Bennett Sullivan on Mar 26, 2018


Backing tracks are a great way to improve and solidify the melody of the song you're currently working on. In Tunefox, you can mix the volume of the instrument, backing track, and metronome to your liking. This offers a wide range of possibilities when you're practicing.

Here are three suggestions for mixing the backing tracks to accomplish different goals in your practice:

1. Turn the instrument down so it's barely audible - this will give you a little bit of reference for what the melody is but you won't be fully relying on the playback for internalizing the song you're working on. It's a great first step in trying to commit the melody to memory.

2. Turn the instrument off - this is the obvious one. When you do this, you just have the rhythm and chords of the backing tracks to play with so you'll really be challenged as to whether you've practiced the melody enough. We recommend doing this once the entire melody is memorized.

3. Turn the instrument and backing tracks off - by doing this, you'll just be playing with the metronome, which is a great way to further your memorization of the piece and it can be a bit more challenging than just playing with the backing tracks because you're not relying on the full sound of the band to play with. This is a more advanced option.

By combining these three ways to mix the backing tracks in your practice routine, you'll be training yourself to become a more well-rounded practicer and player.

Do you have a method not listed here? Let us know in the comments!



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