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Organize your practice - using Jam Packs!

By Bennett Sullivan on Dec 1, 2016


TuneFox’s song library can be organized in 3 different ways:

  • Artists - scroll up or down to find songs played by your favorite bluegrass artists
  • A-Z - sorting by alphabet is great if you want to browse the library for a new tune to learn
  • Jam Packs - TuneFox has created several Jam Packs so you can have a more organized structure to your routine

Some popular Jam Packs are:

We want to give you the most efficient and fun practice routine ever, and using the Jam Packs is a fantastic way to learn with TuneFox.

Comment below with what song you'd like to learn on TuneFox!



12/20/2016, 22:08 PM

Would be great to able to create custom packs!

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