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What's the Lick Switcher?

By Bennett Sullivan on Oct 9, 2017


The lick switcher is one of the most important features of Tunefox and is the tool that sets Tunefox apart from all other learning platforms.

What is it?

The lick switcher allows you to explore, see, and listen to different variations in the context of the song you’re learning.

Why is this important?

This gives you valuable insight into how players improvise using licks, which is much of what bluegrass musicians are doing on stage or in the context of a jam. With the lick switcher you’re able to hear what’s possible in specific sections of tunes. Plus- as an added bonus- you’ll learn how to blend different styles like jazz, chromatic, pentatonic, and more.

How do you use it?

Over the right hand side of certain measures you’ll see colored text that says “Original Measure.” This signifies that there are additional licks for this measure. Simply click on this text and a box will pop up with different lick options. Now it’s up to you to explore and choose what you want that measure to sound like.

How do you practice with it?

You can practice using the lick switcher a couple different ways:

  1. Learn the original song first. Once you have the original arrangement down, it’s a great time to add in variation and the lick switcher is perfect for that. Go through the tab and customize your arrangement. Listen to it a few times, then slow it down and loop specific sections. Notice what parts sound and feel different from the original version you learned. This is important for developing your improvisation chops.
  2. Get inspiration on a tune you already know. Even if you already know some of the songs in the Tunefox song library, there’s always room for improvement. Choose a song you’re comfortable with and then play with the lick switcher to come up with some hip variations. To maximize your ear training, try using the “hide notes” feature in the Settings menu.

Do you have a method for introducing new licks into your playing? Share it with us in the comments below!



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