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Tunefox Tutorials - Memory Train

By Bennett Sullivan on Dec 4, 2018


Turn on Mem-Train to get off the tab faster. This feature will gradually hide notes on the tab so you can start engaging your ears sooner.



08/02/2019, 22:51 PM

This is not a comment about memory train, though it is a cool feature (I am a banjo player). I am thinking about signing up for a year, but I am confused about the timing base used. I am used to a 4/4 time with 1/4 notes beats per second with roll patters at 1/8 note and slides and hammer off at 1/16 notes, many times. Skrug's book uses a 2/4 timing with 1/16 notes similar to what you use. Bottom line is that 100 bpm on your timing slider seems to be like 200 bpm in how I have learned. After playing for 10 years this difference is a bit confusing. Also do you have a way of accenting just the cords while the tune is being played. I like to learn the cord progression first before tackling the tabs.

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