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Founders Notes - The Tuner and Lick Library

By Bennett Sullivan on Jan 18, 2018


Last week we launched a free tuner, available on our website! This application works well on computers as well as on your smartphone browser and acts like an electronic tuner that you'd clip on to your instrument.

To activate the tuner, allow your browser to use your microphone. After that, pluck a string on your banjo, mandolin, or guitar and the tuner will identify the pitch and tell you whether you are sharp or flat. It will turn green once you land on the right pitch.

If you have any questions about the tuner contact us at support@tunefox.com.

Coming up in early February we're adding the Lick Library, which will be modeled after the song library but will feature individual licks. Our hope is that this library, along with the song library will tie some things together in Tunefox.

For example, you can visit the

Coming up in early February we're adding the lick library and learn a few licks and then check out the description, where you'll find where this lick is used in the song library. Learning where the lick is in the context of a song is a great skill for developing your improv and overall tune-learning chops.

Stay tuned for more updates and sweet new features coming soon and please let us know if you have any feedback by sending us an email at support@tunefox.com.


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