Tunefox Tutorials - Hide Notes

By Bennett Sullivan on Dec 4, 2018


Start learning music by ear. Hide some or all of the notes, click on specific notes to hear the pitch, and figure the song out using your ears!

To activate Hide Notes, click on the "Tools" menu in the bottom right corner of your browser screen. When this menu pops up, look to your far left and you'll find "Hide Notes." Set your difficulty level and start practicing!



12/07/2018, 23:35 PM

Hello again! The Hide Notes feature is unfortunately available only for iPad owners.


12/07/2018, 19:32 PM

Oh you’r right, I’ll double check with Tunefox iOS developer and let you know soon. Thanks and sorry for inconvinience.


12/07/2018, 19:21 PM

Thanks Kuba. I’m having a hard time finding this feature in the iOS app. Could you give me a pointer to where it is?


12/07/2018, 17:13 PM

Hey Andre! Yes most of Tunefox features are available on both iOS & web versions


12/07/2018, 11:42 AM

Is the hide notes feature available on the iOS app?

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