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Guitar tablatures for Amazing Grace


Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #waltz, #vocal song, #instrumental, #crosspicking, #rhythm

Experience the beloved hymn Amazing Grace in a whole new way, with this enchanting guitar arrangement perfect for intermediate players. Let the waltz rhythm and crosspicking technique transport you as you play this timeless vocal song, now in a beautiful instrumental rendition.

Always start with the melody try to sing the words or speak them as you play the notes. After that check out the Basic Crosspicking arrangement it will introduce you to cross picking in a gentle way. If it feels tough, check out our video lesson series Introduction to Crosspicking. After going through that you might want to check out the Crosspicking arrangement. This one is more complex, but remember you can always use your Tunefox tools such as the tempo and difficulty sliders to tailor the arrangement and practice to your needs and current skill level. If you want to dive even deeper into cross picking check out Crosspicking 102. This lesson series dives deeper into the art.

With any tune you learn, practice your backup and rhythm skills. If you plan on playing with others, this is more important than playing leads. Our Rhythm Guitar roadmap features multiple video lesson series to help you learn the basics of backup.

  • Guitar Amazing Grace Melody


    No better place to start when learning a song than with the melody. Try and sing or speak the words as you play the notes. Listen before playing at each session. Use the tempo and d...

    Guitar Amazing Grace Melody
  • Guitar Amazing Grace Basic Crosspicking

    Basic Crosspicking

    This song comes from our lesson series, "Introduction to Crosspicking".

    Guitar Amazing Grace Basic Crosspicking
  • Guitar Amazing Grace Crosspicking


    This cross-picking arrangement can be very beautiful played on solo guitar in a jam. There's a lot of notes in the full arrangement. Don't lose sight of the core melody. Make sure to...

    Guitar Amazing Grace Crosspicking
  • Guitar Amazing Grace Rhythm


    Learn to play rhythm in waltz time you must, if kicked out of jam you do not want to be. Also...Slow it down.

    Guitar Amazing Grace Rhythm
  • Guitar Amazing Grace Walking Bass Rhythm

    Walking Bass Rhythm

    Walking BASSics - Amazing Grace-Key of G - LP

    Guitar Amazing Grace Walking Bass Rhythm