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Guitar tablatures for Arkansas Traveler


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #instrumental, #old time, #medium-tempo

The Arkansas Traveler is a popular folk song originating in the Southern United States. It tells the story of a stranger's encounter with an overeager Arkansas traveler. The most popular flatpicking version of this traditional tune is based in the key of C major and is built around a simple chord progression. This arrangement emphasizes chromatic passing tones and accent notes, providing an interesting challenge for the flatpicking guitar player. There are two different tablatures available for flatpicking the song: a bluegrass version and a more chromatic version. The bluegrass version emphasizes improvisation and the development of intricate rolling lines, while the chromatic version is more focused on technical precision while navigating the fretboard.

  • Guitar Arkansas Traveler Bluegrass


    Here you’ll learn a lot more about the C position, especially it’s major and pentatonic scales. This version of Arkansas Traveler blends in more melody notes for a fuller sound.

    Guitar Arkansas Traveler Bluegrass
  • Guitar Arkansas Traveler Chromatic


    This arrangement of Arkansas Traveler is the melody with some chromatic twists :). Notice how the B section features longer scale based lines. It’s great finger dexterity practice!

    Guitar Arkansas Traveler Chromatic