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Arkansas Traveler guitar tabs

  • Tablatures



    This is a low register break played out of C position. Arkansas Traveler is usually heard in the key of D at jams, so make sure you capo up on the 2nd fret when you play this solo!

  • Intermediate


    Here you’ll learn a lot more about the C position, especially it’s major and pentatonic scales. This version of Arkansas Traveler blends in more melody notes for a fuller sound.

  • Advanced


    This arrangement of Arkansas Traveler is the melody with some chromatic twists :). Notice how the B section features longer scale based lines. It’s great finger dexterity practice!


More about Arkansas Traveler

Composed in the 19th century by Colonel Sanford C. 'Sandy' Faulkner(1806–1874), "The Arkansas Traveler" reigned as the unofficial state song of Arkansas from 1949 to 1963. It became the official state song in 1947, when a committee came together to pen down the current official lyrics. The song is traditionally known to have had several versions of lyrics, which are much older than the copyrighted song. However it being a state song, the official lyrics were copyrighted and it can be found on the website of the Arkansas Secretary of State.

The melody is catchy and it's one that many are accustomed to hearing when growing up because of its popularity in children's music under the name "I've Got a Baby Bumblebee."