Arkansas Traveler guitar tabs & chords

  • This is a low register break played out of C position. Arkansas Traveler is usually heard in the key of D at jams, so make sure you capo up on the 2nd fret when you play this solo!

    • Key C
    • 80 bpm
    • Tuning EADGBE
    Play Beginner
  • Here you’ll learn a lot more about the C position, especially it’s major and pentatonic scales. This version of Arkansas Traveler blends in more melody notes for a fuller sound.

    • Key C
    • 100 bpm
    • Tuning EADGBE
    Play Intermediate
  • This arrangement of Arkansas Traveler is the melody with some chromatic twists :). Notice how the B section features longer scale based lines. It’s great finger dexterity practice!

    • Key C
    • 120 bpm
    • Tuning EADGBE
    Play Advanced

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Guitar Arkansas Traveler tab

What skill level do you consider yourself to be at? With Tunefox, we meet you at your level with 3 different guitar tabs - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. To learn the basic melody of this song (which is good for musicians at all levels), start with the beginner arrangement of Arkansas Traveler. Work your way up to the advanced version, where you’ll learn a more ‘professional’ solo for the song.

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