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Guitar tablatures for Banks of the Ohio


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #murder ballad, #medium-tempo, #vocal song

Immerse yourself in the haunting strains of the Banks of the Ohio, an enthralling murder ballad that stirs the soul. Perfect for guitar players of all levels, this medium-tempo vocal song combines sultry storytelling with rich, emotional chords. Experience the depth of this classic track carried on the timeless rhythm of your guitar strings.

If you are a beginner, start out with the bluegrass arrangement and set the difficulty slider to the easiest level. It's always better to get something simple down well first and make sure you have steady timing before adding complexity and speed. After getting the basic arrangement down you can adjust the tempo and difficulty sliders or add some licks.

The crosspicking arrangement is great for intermediate and advanced pickers. There's plenty of licks here. You can switch them out to create completely new arrangements!

  • Guitar Banks of the Ohio Bluegrass


    This intermediate rendition of Banks of the Ohio is still fairly sparse in the beginning and as it develops, brings in more scalar ideas. It’s a good one to practice accenting the me...

    Guitar Banks of the Ohio Bluegrass
  • Guitar Banks of the Ohio Crosspicking


    This version of Banks of the Ohio starts out with a crosspicking arrangement and seamlessly moves into some longer melody phrasing. Practice tip: Loop individual measures and then pi...

    Guitar Banks of the Ohio Crosspicking