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Guitar tablatures for Big Sciota


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #instrumental, #medium-tempo, #old time

Big Sciota is an upbeat fiddle tune perfect for flat picking guitar. With a driving rhythm and catchy melody, this classic tune is great for intermediate players looking for a challenge.

  • Guitar Big Sciota Low Octave

    Low Octave

    Big Scioty on the bass strings! It's nice to learn this in the lower octave to have even more variety in how and where you can play the melody. If you're at a jam you will definitely...

    Guitar Big Sciota Low Octave
  • Guitar Big Sciota Up the Neck

    Up the Neck

    Big Sciota is a classic fiddle tune. The chords changes in the B part are a little different, but very interesting. This arrangement features some up the neck playing. Most of it wil...

    Guitar Big Sciota Up the Neck
  • Guitar Big Sciota Simple


    This classic jam number is fantastic for practicing improvisation. Take a close look at the chords for the B section and compare them to the melody notes. Good stuff!

    Guitar Big Sciota Simple
  • Guitar Big Sciota Jam


    This arrangement of Big Sciota builds on the beginner version by incorporating more slurs and longer melody lines.

    Guitar Big Sciota Jam
  • Guitar Big Sciota Bluegrass


    This advanced rendition of Big Sciota will challenge and inspire you (especially the B section!). Pay attention to the left hand positions in the B section and practice slowly to get...

    Guitar Big Sciota Bluegrass