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Guitar tablatures for Bill Cheatum


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #fiddle tune, #medium-tempo

"Bill Cheatum" is a classic fiddle tune with a medium tempo, perfect for intermediate guitar players! The melody is driving with plenty of technique to practice, providing a rewarding challenge. Enjoy the rich tones of this traditional fiddle tune on your guitar!

  • Guitar Bill Cheatum Bluegrass


    A classic fiddle tune! There's lots of great licks in the switcher, be sure to check those out.

    Guitar Bill Cheatum Bluegrass
  • Guitar Bill Cheatum No Capo

    No Capo

    Playing Bill Cheatum without a capo will require some 3 fret stretches and nimble shifting. Make sure to try and use a fret per finger in many situations. Use that pinky! There ...

    Guitar Bill Cheatum No Capo
  • Guitar Bill Cheatum No Capo - Low Octave

    No Capo - Low Octave

    Bill Cheatum without a capo...On the bass strings! It opens up a lot of new options and ideas. Most of it will be played in 1st position. 1st finger sticks around the 1st fret, 2nd ...

    Guitar Bill Cheatum No Capo - Low Octave
  • Guitar Bill Cheatum Crosspicking


    This is an involved arrangement of Bill Cheatum with some flashy crosspicking at the beginning of each measure in the A section. Super cool!

    Guitar Bill Cheatum Crosspicking