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Black Mountain Rag guitar tabs

  • Tablatures


    Doc Watson

    A few more licks in this one will challenge you.

  • Bluegrass

    Doc Watson

    This is a highly accurate transcription of Black Mountain Rag as played by Doc Watson. If you are up for the challenge, this is a good one. In the sections where double stops are being played and you can tell he is playing out of chord positions it is ok if you hit an extra string or two as long as you are holding the proper chord shape.


More about Black Mountain Rag

What skill level do you consider yourself to be at? With Tunefox, we meet you at your level with 3 different guitar tabs - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. To learn the basic melody of this song (which is good for musicians at all levels), start with the beginner arrangement of Black Mountain Rag. Work your way up to the advanced version, where you’ll learn a more ‘professional’ solo for the song.

On Tunefox you’ll find numerous tools to help you learn this song. Use the "Speed Up" tool to easily build speed. The "Memory train" feature will hide notes everytime you go through the song so you can more effectively get off tab. You can also isolate, slow down and repeat problematic measures.

The Black Mountain Rag backing tracks that Tunefox offers are a great way for you to practice the arrangement you’ve learned and improvising over the chord changes. You can mix the tracks to meet your needs by changing the volume levels of the guitar, band, and metronome.

Get creative with Black Mountain Rag with the Tunefox lick switcher. The lick switcher gives you an opportunity to learn multiple variations of the song you’re learning within the context of the guitar tab you’re practicing. To use the lick switcher, click on the text that says "Original Measure" above some of the measures in the tab. If you want to see a completely new arrangement of Black Mountain Rag for bluegrass guitar, click on Shuffle Licks in the bottom right corner.

Members can also export all of their banjo Black Mountain Rag arrangements into PDF files.