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Blue Night guitar tabs

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    Guitar Blue Night tab


    Bill Monroe

    • Difficulty
    • Key
    • Tempo
      110 bpm
    • Tuning

    This is a bluesy bluegrass tune that's a ton of fun to play. Check out the licks and see just how blue you can get!


More about Blue Night

A bluesy bluegrass classic

With Tunefox, you can learn 1 bluegrass guitar arrangements to Blue Night, starting with the Beginner tablature. This tab will give you a foundation for the melody so you can easily modify it along your journey to the intermediate and advanced versions, which will each progress in difficulty. This helps you develop a bluegrass guitar vocabulary while also staying true to the melody of Blue Night.

Use Tunefox’s unique practice tools to improve your speed and get off the tab faster so you can jam sooner. The "Speed-Up" tool will incrementally increase the tempo of the song so you can build up to your ideal tempo for the tune. Use "Memory-Train" to liberate yourself from the tab. This practice tool will make the notes in the song gradually disappear, forcing you not to look at the tab anymore. Click on measures to isolate and loop them for practice.

The Blue Night backing tracks allow you to practice this song with an entire band and you can change volume of a guitar, band or metronome according to your needs.

Each bluegrass guitar arrangement of Blue Night in Tunefox features switchable licks. These licks are designed to teach you multiple ways to play a song while staying true to the skill level you have chosen. To use the Tunefox lick switcher, click on "Original Measure" that is displayed over specific measures of the song. Use "Shuffle Licks" to switch all of the licks, which will show you a completely new arrangement of the song.

Members can export their arrangements into PDF, allowing them to print and bring them to their next jam session.

Blue Night lyrics

Blue night, got you on my mind Blue night, can't keep from cryin' Well you found someone that was new And you quit someone that you knew was true Blue night, got you on my mind Blue night, blue as I can be I don't know whats become of me Where we used to walk, I walk alone With an aching heart 'cause my love is gone Blue night, blue as I can be Blue night, I'm all alone I used to call you on the telephone Well I used to call and it made you glad Now I call and it makes you mad Blue night, I'm all alone Blue night, all by myself Since you put me back on the shelf But there's one thing you should know You're gonna reap just what you sow Blue night, all by myself