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Guitar tablatures for Boil Them Cabbage


Recomended level: Intermediate

Embark on your crosspicking journey with our 'Boil Them Cabbage' lesson, specially crafted for guitar beginners seeking to master this unique technique. This lesson focuses on the beloved folk tune 'Boil Them Cabbage Down,' guiding you through the intricacies of crosspicking. Learn how to effortlessly weave your pick across the strings, creating a mesmerizing blend of melody and rhythm. With detailed instruction and tablatures, you'll grasp the essence of crosspicking while honing your finger coordination and timing. Elevate your guitar skills and embrace the charm of 'Boil Them Cabbage Down' as you unlock the art of crosspicking.

We have a few arrangements here. Both arrangements are from one of our lesson path series on crosspicking. If you want to jump right in to the arrangement, then get to picking'! You can use the difficulty and tempo sliders to make things easier. You can also adjust speed and difficulty bit by bit as you get better or use the Tunefox Tutor to guide your progress.

If you want to get a little more help and advice then check out our Master Crosspicking Roadmap. There's learning paths with video lessons, exercises, other songs and plenty of advice on how to get better at this technique and style. When diving into that roadmap, check out the Introduction to Crosspicking, Crosspicking 101, & G Scales for Beginners. Those will be the biggest help in getting a hang of this style. C major - 1st position, and G major scale workout will be a great addition to really get a good handle on all the normal and necessary finger positions for those keys.

  • Guitar Boil Them Cabbage Basic Crosspicking

    Basic Crosspicking

    This is for the lesson path, Introduction to Crosspicking.

    Guitar Boil Them Cabbage Basic Crosspicking
  • Guitar Boil Them Cabbage Crosspicking


    Crosspicking is hard. Go slow. Loop measures. Practice! This arrangement demonstrates who you can change just one note of a chord to imply change and end up with a very cool voicing...

    Guitar Boil Them Cabbage Crosspicking