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Down Yonder guitar tabs

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    Down Yonder is a popular old-time tune turned bluegrass fiddle tune. It's a great tune for practicing melodies over a II chord, or in the key of G, the A chord.

  • Bluegrass


    This version of Down Yonder is a great one for practicing melodies in your 1st position. It's a pretty fast tune, so make sure you start slow and gradually build up the speed once you're comfortable at the slow tempo.


More about Down Yonder

With Tunefox, you can learn 3 bluegrass guitar arrangements to Down Yonder, starting with the Beginner tablature. This tab will give you a foundation for the melody so you can easily modify it along your journey to the intermediate and advanced versions, which will each progress in difficulty. This helps you develop a bluegrass guitar vocabulary while also staying true to the melody of Down Yonder.

Tunefox features unique tools to assist with practicing Down Yonder. "Speed-Up" will gradually increase the tempo of a looped section or the entire song so you can build your technique. When you select "Memory-Train", Tunefox will make the notes disappear from the tab each time the song loops, so you’ll learn how to get off the tab with ease. To isolate a section of the tune, simply click on the measure and it will loop.

The Down Yonder backing tracks allow you to practice this song with an entire band and you can change volume of a guitar, band or metronome according to your needs.

Get creative with Down Yonder with the Tunefox lick switcher. The lick switcher gives you an opportunity to learn multiple variations of the song you’re learning within the context of the guitar tab you’re practicing. To use the lick switcher, click on the text that says "Original Measure" above some of the measures in the tab. If you want to see a completely new arrangement of Down Yonder for bluegrass guitar, click on Shuffle Licks in the bottom right corner.

Members can export their arrangements into PDF, allowing them to print and bring them to their next jam session.