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Guitar tablatures for Fisher's Hornpipe


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #fiddle tune, #old time, #medium-tempo

This arrangement of Fisher's Hornpipe in C position is a masterful take on a traditional folk classic. The intricate finger picking of the strings creates a sound that is similar to that of a fiddle player's traditional approach to this song.

  • Guitar Fisher's Hornpipe Crosspicking


    This is an accurate fiddle tune style arrangement on guitar. To reproduce the melody as played on fiddle we need to dive into some serious cross-picking. It's definitely a challenge,...

    Guitar Fisher's Hornpipe Crosspicking
  • Guitar Fisher's Hornpipe No Capo

    No Capo

    This arrangement replicates what an experienced fiddler would play on this famously notey tune. We're playing without a capo, using some cross-picking, and use of that pinky. That's ...

    Guitar Fisher's Hornpipe No Capo
  • Guitar Fisher's Hornpipe Bluegrass


    This advanced arrangement of Fisher's Hornpipe sounds exactly like how a fiddle player would approach playing this song. Practice tip: Play slow to go fast! When you practice slow, y...

    Guitar Fisher's Hornpipe Bluegrass