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Guitar tablatures for I'll Fly Away


Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #gospel music, #medium-tempo

Take flight into the world of acoustic brilliance with our 'I'll Fly Away' guitar tablature lesson. This comprehensive tutorial caters to all skill levels, offering crosspicking, rhythm, and bluegrass versions of the timeless hymn. Dive into the art of crosspicking, mastering the delicate dance of strings with intricate precision. Immerse yourself in the rhythmic variations that breathe life into the melody, and embrace the soulful energy of the bluegrass rendition. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, this lesson empowers you to weave together melody and technique, making 'I'll Fly Away' soar with your unique musical expression.

If you are a beginner, make sure to set the difficulty level to easy on the Bluegrass arrangement. This will introduce you to the basic melody. Learning this is so crucial when diving into a new tune. At the highest difficulty this arrangement isn't too tough. It mainly employs the bum-ditty rhythm pattern in combination

When playing in a jam setting you'll usually play a break that's based on the verse melody. However it's still good fun and practice to learn the Chorus melody to expand your ears and song knowledge, so take a crack at that if you really like that sound. Don't neglect your Rhythm playing! If you plan on jamming with others, it's the most important skill you will develop. If you need some help with playing backup, then check out our Roadmap for learning Rhythm Guitar

  • Guitar I'll Fly Away Bluegrass


    A simple arrangement with some great licks over the verse melody of this great tune. Move the green difficulty slider to the left and you'll get a simple arrangement requiring only ...

    Guitar I'll Fly Away Bluegrass
  • Guitar I'll Fly Away Chorus


    Instrumentalists usually take their solo on this tune by playing over the verse melody, but the chorus melody isn't too different and it's a lot of fun to play. There's a who...

    Guitar I'll Fly Away Chorus
  • Guitar I'll Fly Away Rhythm


    Keeping a steady beat seems like a simple concept, but consistency is tough. Time to get those rhythm chops working. Use the lick switcher for creative bass runs and syncopation idea...

    Guitar I'll Fly Away Rhythm
  • Guitar I'll Fly Away Crosspicking


    Cross-picking is hard. That is why this arrangement has some measures that are quite easy to play. It gives you a momentary break from this technique that requires time and patience...

    Guitar I'll Fly Away Crosspicking