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Guitar tablatures for In the Garden


Recomended level: Beginner

"In the Garden" is a beautifully crafted hymn, perfectly suited to intermediate guitar players. With its glorious and reverent melody, it allows players to truly express their musicality while enhancing their guitar skills. This beloved hymn captures an essence of tranquility and serenity, the perfect piece for exploring emotive strumming and picking techniques. Perfect for refining your talent while playing a piece filled with soothing spiritual resonance.

As always, start with the melody. Try and sing the words as you play. After that check out the bluegrass arrangement. It is a more embellished flat picking version of this tune both in the arrangement and in the licks. The crosspicking arrangement in simple but so beautiful and powerful. We hope you all really enjoy this one and that you are filled with the spirit as you play it.

  • Guitar In the Garden Melody


    This glorious hymn resonates with beauty on the guitar. The melody is the best place to start when learning a new tune. Try and sing or speak the words as you play. Listen before eac...

    Guitar In the Garden Melody
  • Guitar In the Garden Bluegrass


    This wonderful arrangement adds in filler notes along with the melody in a basic bluegrass style. Try out some licks to adorn this beautiful melody with even more majesty. Th...

    Guitar In the Garden Bluegrass
  • Guitar In the Garden Crosspicking


    This piece sounds even more beautiful when the cross picking technique is introduced. You achieve a rich and full sound that can sound great when playing with others and as a solo gu...

    Guitar In the Garden Crosspicking