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Jesse James guitar tabs

  • Tablatures



    This arrangement of Jesse James goes best with a new set of strings and some fast fret! That's because we are going to slip and slide our fingers up and down the neck to play this tune. The slide is a very useful and expressive tool as a guitarist, and you should definitely get a work out here. Remember to accent the melody notes and have fun. If you don't know which notes are the melody notes, go check out the beginner arrangement and listen to Grandpa Jones sing this a couple times :)

  • Bluegrass


    Triplets are cool, but paying attention to pick patterns is even better. Okay, that's it for my three-pointers :)


More about Jesse James

Choose from 3 different versions of Jesse James for bluegrass guitar based on your skill level. The beginner arrangement of this song will teach you a basic melody and from that place you can move to the intermediate tab and then to the advanced version, which will get you playing some more popular bluegrass guitar vocabulary.

The "Speed-Up" and "Memory-Train" practice tools offer ways for you to practice technique and memorizing the arrangement of Jesse James you’re learning. Speed-Up will automatically increase the tempo of the song or selection that you’re practicing while Memory-Train deletes notes from the tab each time it loops to help you commit the melody to memory. To select and loop sections of the song, click on them with your cursor.

Use Tunefox’s backing tracks to practice this bluegrass guitar version of Jesse James with a real-sounding band. Go to the Settings menu to mix the volume of the guitar, band or metronome to your liking.

Are you looking for a way how to be more creative while playing this song? Our content creators prepared different ways to play most of the measures in all 3 variations of Jesse James. We call them "licks" and you can change these by clicking on the "Original Measure" text above the measure. You can also shuffle all of the licks in the song to get a completely new arrangement.

Once you’ve settled on an arrangement of Jesse James using the Lick Switcher, export your arrangement to a PDF file so you can print it out and take it with you. This is a member-only feature.