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Jimmie Brown, The Newsboy guitar tabs

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    Guitar Jimmie Brown, The Newsboy tab


    The Carter Family

    • Difficulty
    • Key
    • Tempo
      105 bpm
    • Tuning

    This was one of the special Flatt & Scruggs tunes where Earl would play guitar. This arrangement is simple and accessible. Check out the licks for crosspicking and bluegrass ideas that emulate Earl's fabulous fingerpicking on the acoustic guitar.


More about Jimmie Brown, The Newsboy

A classic by the Carter family that became a signature song for Flatt & Scruggs

With Tunefox, you can learn 1 bluegrass guitar arrangements to Jimmie Brown, The Newsboy, starting with the Beginner tablature. This tab will give you a foundation for the melody so you can easily modify it along your journey to the intermediate and advanced versions, which will each progress in difficulty. This helps you develop a bluegrass guitar vocabulary while also staying true to the melody of Jimmie Brown, The Newsboy.

The "Speed-Up" and "Memory-Train" practice tools offer ways for you to practice technique and memorizing the arrangement of Jimmie Brown, The Newsboy you’re learning. Speed-Up will automatically increase the tempo of the song or selection that you’re practicing while Memory-Train deletes notes from the tab each time it loops to help you commit the melody to memory. To select and loop sections of the song, click on them with your cursor.

The Jimmie Brown, The Newsboy backing tracks allow you to practice this song with an entire band and you can change volume of a guitar, band or metronome according to your needs.

Each bluegrass guitar arrangement of Jimmie Brown, The Newsboy in Tunefox features switchable licks. These licks are designed to teach you multiple ways to play a song while staying true to the skill level you have chosen. To use the Tunefox lick switcher, click on "Original Measure" that is displayed over specific measures of the song. Use "Shuffle Licks" to switch all of the licks, which will show you a completely new arrangement of the song.

Once you’ve settled on an arrangement of Jimmie Brown, The Newsboy using the Lick Switcher, export your arrangement to a PDF file so you can print it out and take it with you. This is a member-only feature.

Jimmie Brown, The Newsboy lyrics

I sell the morning paper sir My name is Jimmie Brown Everybody knows me I’m the newsboy of the town You can hear me yelling “Morning Star” Walking on the street Got no hat upon my head No shoes upon my feet Never mind sir how I look Don’t swear at me and frown I sell the morning paper sir My name is Jimmie Brown I’m awful cold and hungry sir My clothes are mighty thin Wander about from place to place My daily bread to win My father was a drunkard sir I’ve heard my mother say I am helping mother sir As I journey on my way My mother always tells me sir I’ve nothing in the world to lose I’ll get a place in heaven sir To sell the gospel news