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Guitar tablatures for Long Journey Home


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #old time, #folk music, #up-tempo

Immerse yourself in the rustic charm of 'Long Journey Home for Guitar'. Inspired by old time traditions, this up-tempo folk music track is an invigorating journey back to the roots of raw, heartfelt music. Its up-beat rhythm and melodious strums make it terrific for guitarists of all skill levels looking for an enchanting musical endeavor.

As always, start with the melody. This gets you acquainted with the heart of the song, and the important notes. You can check out some of the licks to add in variation and see how to embellish the basic melody in a variety of styles and with different techniques.

If you are up for a little challenge, check out the crosspicking arrangement. Knowing the basic melody will aid you in bringing out the important notes amidst the flurry of crosspicking. there's a lot of great licks to explore here. You can create entirely new arrangements by switching those around!

If you are up for a big challenge, check out the Billy Strings Style arrangement. This one is a transcription of his playing. Learning to play like the masters of the genre will give your playing authenticity. If you can add in some licks on top of that you are able to further explore and develop your own artistry!

  • Guitar Long Journey Home Melody


    Nothing but the melody in this arrangement of Long Journey Home. Play it strong. Practice until it's easy and you can play it multiple times without stopping and with minimal mistake...

    Guitar Long Journey Home Melody
  • Guitar Long Journey Home Crosspicking


    Cross-picking - it's one of the greatest parts about Bluegrass guitar, and it can be very challenging. TuneFox has a loop feature and tempo control to help you can take control. Usin...

    Guitar Long Journey Home Crosspicking
  • Guitar Long Journey Home Billy Strings Style

    Billy Strings Style

    Billy Strings! Go catch a live show. This guy is incredible. Great band too. Check out this transcription to learn one of his breaks on this tune. He recorded it at almost 140 bpm! W...

    Guitar Long Journey Home Billy Strings Style