Lost Indian guitar tabs & chords

  • Lost Indian is sometimes referred to as "Cherokee Shuffle in D," but it's a fantastic tune that stands strong in it's own right. Check out Norman Blake and Tony Rice's version of this!

    • Key D
    • 70 bpm
    • Tuning EADGBE
    Play Beginner
  • This arrangement of Lost Indian is great for building your chops in the key of D, and especially for using the pentatonic scale to create melodies.

    • Key C
    • 80 bpm
    • Tuning EADGBE
    Play Intermediate
  • This version of Lost Indian takes playing in D to a whole new level! Don't forget to switch out the licks to learn even more variations on the melody and to give you some ideas for improvisation.

    • Key C
    • 100 bpm
    • Tuning EADGBE
    Play Advanced