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Guitar tablatures for Mary Had a Little Lamb


Recomended level: Beginner

Master the simple and elegant melody of the classic nursery rhyme, 'Mary Had a Little Lamb', arranged for the guitar. Ideal for beginners seeking to enrich their performance repertoire, this song captures the soothing cadence of a beloved rhyme, while providing a gentle introduction to the art of musical storytelling on the guitar. Nursery rhymes are an untapped treasure when it comes to learning an instrument. Dive in with the melody and try some licks. Try learning using hide notes feature to develop your ear.

  • Guitar Mary Had a Little Lamb Melody


    Learn as many basic melodies as you can. Learn to sing the words as you play. Try using the hide notes feature to learn by ear. Try a few licks for a more embellished sound.

    Guitar Mary Had a Little Lamb Melody