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Mississippi Sawyer guitar tabs

  • Tablatures



    Mississippi Sawyer is a catchy and fun fiddle tune commonly heard in old-time and bluegrass jam circles. Usually, it’s played in the key of D so once you’ve learned this solo, put your capo on the 2nd fret and jam away!

  • Intermediate


    This arrangement of Mississippi Sawyer fills out the beginner melody with more 16th notes and slurs. It’s an example of how to tastefully blend scales into your melody playing.

  • Advanced


    More slurs and 16th notes make up this flowing arrangement of Mississippi Sawyer. Take it slow to nail the articulations, then gradually speed it up with the backing tracks or metronome.


More about Mississippi Sawyer

Choose from 3 different versions of Mississippi Sawyer for bluegrass guitar based on your skill level. The beginner arrangement of this song will teach you a basic melody and from that place you can move to the intermediate tab and then to the advanced version, which will get you playing some more popular bluegrass guitar vocabulary.

Tunefox features unique tools to assist with practicing Mississippi Sawyer. "Speed-Up" will gradually increase the tempo of a looped section or the entire song so you can build your technique. When you select "Memory-Train", Tunefox will make the notes disappear from the tab each time the song loops, so you’ll learn how to get off the tab with ease. To isolate a section of the tune, simply click on the measure and it will loop.

The Mississippi Sawyer backing tracks that Tunefox offers are a great way for you to practice the arrangement you’ve learned and improvising over the chord changes. You can mix the tracks to meet your needs by changing the volume levels of the guitar, band, and metronome.

What to learn some variations on the melody of Mississippi Sawyer? In each arrangement of this song you’ll find multiple licks that you can switch out to explore and discover new ways to play the song and learn about different styles along the way. Use the lick switcher by clicking on "Original Measure" above certain measures. To see a completely new arrangement of the song, click on "Shuffle Licks" in the bottom right corner of the page.

When you’ve finished creating your arrangement of Mississippi Sawyer, export your song arrangement to PDF file. This feature is for members of Tunefox, only.