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Guitar tablatures for Ole Slew Foot

Jim and Jesse

Recomended level: Beginner

Immerse yourself in the world of bluegrass with Ole Slew Foot, a spirited melody popularized in the Bluegrass world by the iconic duo, Jim & Jesse. This lively guitar tune will have your fingers dancing on the fretboard, making it a fantastic piece for players of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned player or just beginning your journey with the guitar, this classic tune offers a perfect opportunity to hone your craft while enjoying the vibrant sounds of traditional American bluegrass.

As always, start with the melody. Then after getting the hang of that and trying a few licks, head on over and dive into the Bluegrass arrangement for some serious fun!

  • Guitar Ole Slew Foot Melody


    A simplified version of the melody that takes you through the verse and chorus sections. Try and sing or speak the words and syllables if you play them. If you don't know the tune w...

    Guitar Ole Slew Foot Melody
  • Guitar Ole Slew Foot Bluegrass


    Jump in and get down with this jam standard. There's some great lick ideas here so check those out!

    Guitar Ole Slew Foot Bluegrass