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Guitar tablatures for Soldier's Joy


Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #instrumental, #old-time, #medium-tempo, #fiddle tune

Soldier's Joy is an uplifting folk song with roots that date back hundreds of years. It has become a popular pick among acoustic guitarists due to its spirited nature and energetic melody.

  • Guitar Soldier's Joy Simple


    Soldier’s Joy is a well-known old-time tune commonly heard in the key of D. Once you’re done learning this arrangement in C, put your capo on at the 2nd friend and pick it with a fri...

    Guitar Soldier's Joy Simple
  • Guitar Soldier's Joy Jam


    Look out for those hammer-ons and pull-offs! They give this arrangement of Soldier's Joy tons of personality, as opposed to just picking every single note

    Guitar Soldier's Joy Jam