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Guitar tablatures for Squirrel Hunters


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #instrumental, #old time, #up-tempo, #bluesy

Squirrel Hunters for Guitar is an old time, up-tempo instrumental that will get your fingers flying! Perfect for intermediate players, this bluesy tune will have you channeling your inner squirrel hunter in no time.

  • Guitar Squirrel Hunters Simple


    Squirrel Hunters is an awesome old-time tune that was popularized by John Hartford. These chords are the most standard ones but if you can meet up with someone who really knows the t...

    Guitar Squirrel Hunters Simple
  • Guitar Squirrel Hunters Jam


    Here's a cool arrangement of Squirrel Hunters that is a good exercise for incorporating more open stringed hammer-ons into your playing. There's also a little bit of position shiftin...

    Guitar Squirrel Hunters Jam
  • Guitar Squirrel Hunters Bluegrass


    This is a standard Advanced arrangement of Squirrel Hunters but there is one tricky section at measure 7 that may require a bit of practice to nail it cleanly.

    Guitar Squirrel Hunters Bluegrass