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Temperance Reel guitar tabs

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    Guitar Temperance Reel tab



    • Difficulty
    • Key
    • Tempo
      110 bpm
    • Tuning

    This arrangement has a bit of Celtic flavor. in the melody. It uses the chord progression most commonly used when playing this tune in more of a bluegrass style. This one does require some position shifting. Mostly you'll be going from 1st to 2nd position. If you don't have the experience necessary to come up with your own fingerings then you should pay close attention to the suggested fingerings in the tab. CHECK OUT THOSE LICKS!!! There's a lot of Bluegrass and Celtic flavor here. Dig in.


More about Temperance Reel

On Tunefox, there are 3 versions of this song for you to learn. The Beginner arrangement gives you a good foundation of the verse melody. The Temperance Reel Intermediate tab is a slidey arrangement of this song, which is a little more technically challenging and finally, the Advanced version introduces more typical bluegrass vocabulary.

Use Tunefox’s unique practice tools to improve your speed and get off the tab faster so you can jam sooner. The "Speed-Up" tool will incrementally increase the tempo of the song so you can build up to your ideal tempo for the tune. Use "Memory-Train" to liberate yourself from the tab. This practice tool will make the notes in the song gradually disappear, forcing you not to look at the tab anymore. Click on measures to isolate and loop them for practice.

The Temperance Reel backing tracks that Tunefox offers are a great way for you to practice the arrangement you’ve learned and improvising over the chord changes. You can mix the tracks to meet your needs by changing the volume levels of the guitar, band, and metronome.

Get creative with Temperance Reel with the Tunefox lick switcher. The lick switcher gives you an opportunity to learn multiple variations of the song you’re learning within the context of the guitar tab you’re practicing. To use the lick switcher, click on the text that says "Original Measure" above some of the measures in the tab. If you want to see a completely new arrangement of Temperance Reel for bluegrass guitar, click on Shuffle Licks in the bottom right corner.

Members can export their arrangements into PDF, allowing them to print and bring them to their next jam session.