The Chicken Reel guitar tabs & chords

  • The Chicken Reel has a melody that sounds almost comical. The way it hangs on the minor third note and goes into the major third note, makes it sound like it's unsure of what it wants to do! That's part of the charm. This is a beginner melody that's nice and easy to play. The only challenge is a pinky stretch to the fourth fret of the B string. Don't feel like you have to hold the C chord down while you play this. A little position shifting it ok.

    • Key C
    • 75 bpm
    • Tuning EADGBE
    Play Beginner
  • Most people play this tune in D. A lot of flat-pickers might play out of C shape with the capo at the third fret, but if you take off the capo you open up new melodic opportunities. The main one we'll take advantage of here is hammering on from open D to the fourth fret. Normally this would require some cross-picking out of C shape, but now we can get a more accurate melody without the extra picking by using hammer-ons. Remember to check out the lick switcher to find some new and interesting variations of The Chicken Reel.

    • Key D
    • 100 bpm
    • Tuning EADGBE
    Play Intermediate
  • Cross-picking is the only way to play this like a fiddler out of C position. Let's get to it. Flatten your middle finger to get the 2nd fret on the G string in measure 2.

    • Key C
    • 120 bpm
    • Tuning EADGBE
    Play Advanced