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Guitar tablatures for Crawdad Song


Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #old-time, #blues, #vocal song

A fun, iconic folk tune in Key of G. Perfect for guitar beginners to develop their skill.

  • Guitar Crawdad Song Melody


    This is the range where you will most often pick the lead. You shouldn't have to pick as close to the bridge since you are playing a higher frequency note. However you still can. Exp...

    Guitar Crawdad Song Melody
  • Guitar Crawdad Song Low Octave Melody

    Low Octave Melody

    When playing lead using the lower guitar strings try and pick slightly closer to the bridge. This will help that low frequency stand out in the mix. If you pick to close to the neck ...

    Guitar Crawdad Song Low Octave Melody
  • Guitar Crawdad Song Floaties


    An entry point to playing "floaties". Learn the basic melody in a new position by playing higher fretted notes and open strings. This is a technique used by most banjo players known...

    Guitar Crawdad Song Floaties
  • Guitar Crawdad Song Rhythm


    Learn to play rhythm! It's what gives music life. You gotta have it in a jam, and it makes singers and songs worth listening to.

    Guitar Crawdad Song Rhythm