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Guitar tablatures for There is a Time


Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #vocal song, #medium-tempo, #minor key

This timeless tune was made famous by "The Dillards" on The Andy Griffith Show. Start by learning the melody arrangements first. The licks in the melody arrangements were crafted for the beginner and early intermediate players. They're not too tough but introduce a nice level challenge and variation to the arrangement.

When you move on to the bluegrass arrangement remember to use the Tunefox tools to aid your learning journey. There is so much at your disposal. The difficulty slider, tempo slider, focus, the Tunefox Tutor and more. All these tools are here to help you along in your picking journey!

  • Guitar There is a Time Melody


    Here's a basic melody for there is a time with some simple riffs. If the Bluegrass arrangement was too much for you try this one out. Also, if you are an intermediate or advanced pla...

    Guitar There is a Time Melody
  • Guitar There is a Time Bluegrass


    Here is a solid Bluegrass style arrangement of there is a time that utilizes the Bum-Ditty rhythm for the picking pattern. Pay close attention to the picking pattern as marked i...

    Guitar There is a Time Bluegrass
  • Guitar There is a Time Melody - No Capo

    Melody - No Capo

    Learning the same melody and riffs in a different key is great for understanding fretboard layout. Learn this melody in Dm and Am shapes and you will definitely begin to understand t...

    Guitar There is a Time Melody - No Capo