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Guitar tablatures for Whiskey Before Breakfast


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #up-tempo, #irish music, #fiddle tune

"Whiskey Before Breakfast" is a delightful up-tempo guitar tune inspired by traditional Irish music. Catered for intermediate players seeking to enhance their musical repertoire. Styled as a thrilling fiddle tune, it is commonly played in music jams, making it an excellent choice for those who enjoy vibrant, spirited performances. Unleash your musical prowess and revel in the spirited melodies of Irish folklore.

Start out with the Bluegrass arrangement. This one is played out of C position. If you are playing at a jam capo at the second fret. This puts you in the key of D, which is the common key this tune is played in.

The No Capo version is played out of D. For the most part, you'll be in 2nd position. The tab descriptions for both tabs will offer even more advice on playing the tunes.

  • Guitar Whiskey Before Breakfast Bluegrass


    A standard arrangement of this classic tune. Check out the licks for some great options. There's plenty of Crosspicking, Bluegrass, and Celtic licks. There's also some options that ...

    Guitar Whiskey Before Breakfast Bluegrass
  • Guitar Whiskey Before Breakfast No Capo

    No Capo

    Look ma No Capo! This one sounds great with all those open strings ringing. Check out the lick switcher. There's some good ones in there. Some show you how to play the same phrases ...

    Guitar Whiskey Before Breakfast No Capo