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Guitar tablatures for Wiegenlied

Johannes Brahms

Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #guitar, #crosspicking, #waltz, #lullaby

Wiegenlied for Guitar" is a must-have for intermediate guitar players who love the gentle sound of crosspicking. This beautiful waltz will soothe your soul as you strum along to its calming melody. Perfect for a peaceful night in or a relaxing outdoor setting, this song is a delightful addition to any repertoire.

  • Guitar Wiegenlied Crosspicking


    This arrangement is really great if you are just getting into Crosspicking. The song is at a slow tempo naturally, which makes it a lot easier to nail those string crossings. Don't b...

    Guitar Wiegenlied Crosspicking
  • Guitar Wiegenlied D Shape

    D Shape

    Playing this tune in D shape opens up a lot of great Crosspicking patterns and options.

    Guitar Wiegenlied D Shape