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Angeline the Baker - Beginner banjo tabs

  • Tablatures
    Banjo Angeline the Baker - Beginner tab

    Scruggs Style - Key of C


    Here's a beginner melody for Angeline the Baker played out of C position in Scruggs style. Slow it down with the tempo slider to maintain correct fingerings and timing.

  • Melodic Style - Key of C


    This is fun! Play the melody in Keith, or melodic style banjo. We'll use open strings for melodies in this arrangement.

  • Scruggs Style - Key of D


    Here's another take on Angeline the Baker and you'll learn how to play the melody in D position.

  • Melodic Style - Key of D


    Take another stab at melodic style with this arrangement of Angeline the Baker in D position.


More about Angeline the Baker - Beginner

Here on Tunefox you’ll find 4 versions of Angeline the Baker - Beginner for banjo. The Scruggs style tablature will teach you how to play slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs. In the melodic arrangement of Angeline the Baker - Beginner, you’ll learn some fancy up-the-neck melodic work.

Use the Tunefox Lick Switcher to explore improvisation and creativity inside the Angeline the Baker - Beginner tablatures. The Lick Switcher will allow you to create your own arrangement using pre-built licks that are handmade by professional musicians. To use the Lick Switcher, click on the text above specific measures that says "Original Measure" and select between a variety of new licks for that measure. You'll find that there are different style licks such as Scruggs, Melodic, Jazz, and more. At the bottom of your page you'll also find a button that says "Shuffle Licks." Click this button and watch the licks randomly shuffle throughout the song.

Be sure to check out all of the great learning tools that Tunefox has to offer such as "Hide Notes", "Memory Train", and "Speed Up". These tools can be found in the "Tools" menu at the bottom right of your screen. Want to learn some of Angeline the Baker - Beginner by ear? Use "Hide Notes" to hide some or all of the notes in the tablature. Once you’re finished learning with the tab use the "Memory Train" tool to commit the song to memory. Then practice with "Speed Up" to improve your technique and speed in no time.

Use the Tunefox backing tracks to practice the solo you’re working on or improvising over the chord changes for Angeline the Baker - Beginner. The backing tracks are recorded samples of real instruments to help simulate practicing with an actual band. You can adjust the volume of the instrument, band, and metronome to your liking.

Once you’ve settled on an arrangement of Angeline the Baker - Beginner using the Lick Switcher, export your arrangement to a PDF file so you can print it out and take it with you. This is a member-only feature.