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Banjo tablatures for Camptown Races


Recomended level: Beginner

Delve into the rhythm of the iconic "Camptown Races" on your banjo. The lively melody offers an unforgettable musical experience that's well-suited for players of all skill levels. Dive into the richness of this timeless tune and let its energy resonate with your strings. Embrace the folk classic's joyful essence on your banjo today!

The melody version of this tune is simplified, the Syllabic Melody is more complex as you will play each syllable in the same way the song is sung. You can still use the difficulty slider to make it a bit easier

  • Banjo Camptown Races Melody


    You can learn so much from a simple melody. It can be a safety net for solos, a guide for memorizing chord changes, a launching pad from which you can build variations and so much m...

    Banjo Camptown Races Melody
  • Banjo Camptown Races Syllabic Melody

    Syllabic Melody

    This one is a bit tougher than the basic melody. Here you will "play the syllables". Use the tempo slider and pay attention to the suggested fingerings for the fret and pick hand. I...

    Banjo Camptown Races Syllabic Melody
  • Banjo Camptown Races Adcock Style

    Adcock Style

    Make sure to engage the swing feel feature in the playback options. Use that thumb for rakes and partial rakes. Listen to the original recording regularly as part of your practice. G...

    Banjo Camptown Races Adcock Style