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Banjo tablatures for Cripple Creek - Beginner


Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #fiddle tune, #earl scruggs, #old time, #beginner

Start with the melody. Everything else will build upon that. Make sure you can play it with solid timing. As you progress to level 2 some embellishments will be added: a forward roll, some pinches and fretting hand slides. You may need to take that a measure at a time and practice each thoroughly. Once you can play each measure well, start trying to put it all together. Level 3 has quite a few rolls. This has almost twice as many notes as the melody arrangement so you may need to practice this at half the speed you got used to when playing the melody.

You may notice that measures 2 & 4 in each of these arrangements are the same. If you want to practice efficiently, work on measures 1-3 - one at a time. When learning a new piece of music you should always listen first to hear what the song is supposed to sound like. Then, look to see if there are any measures that reoccur within the piece. If you find reoccurring measures, just practice one of them until it is easy, and you'll be more than prepared when it pops back up later in the song. Building a habit such as this makes your practice effective and efficient.

  • Banjo Cripple Creek - Beginner Basic Melody

    Basic Melody

    Here's the basic melody for Cripple Creek.

    Banjo Cripple Creek - Beginner Basic Melody
  • Banjo Cripple Creek - Beginner Level 2

    Level 2

    This version of Cripple Creek adds in more roll patterns.

    Banjo Cripple Creek - Beginner Level 2
  • Banjo Cripple Creek - Beginner Level 3

    Level 3

    Here's an arrangement of Cripple Creek you can learn even before adding the Scruggsy slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. Get this one down, and try a few licks. After you learn this a...

    Banjo Cripple Creek - Beginner Level 3