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Banjo tablatures for Forked Deer


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #fiddle tune, #up-tempo

Indeed, the title "Forked Air" was used by Paul Tyler in a 1950 notebook in which Key A was used. Hamblen remembered his grandfather's melodies and took them from Virginia to Brown County, Indiana, in 1857. It was suggested (by William Byrne) that the title "Forked Deer" (the first word is pronounced as if hyphenated,' FORK-ed') is a' Fauquier Deer ' corruption, referring to the name of a county in northern Virginia. The "Forked air jig" is a title that says Gerry Milnes (1999) was used in a version of the minstrel era. Taylor) called "The Hoosier Fiddler's Cadence and Decadence" that the name applied to a Deer stream and its tributaries (i.e., John Hartford and Pat Sky hypothesized that the original title might have been "Forked Wind," which implies a bent melody. Clark claimed, "That's not The Forked Deer." Some thought it might have come from Tennessee's connection with the Forked Deer River. The song is performed in three sections by Clay County, W.Va., fiddler Wilson Douglas, the successor to an older tradition, as did his French Carpenter teacher. Four, c. Baltimore. 1839)—which appears to be the first print of the "Forked Deer" tune.

  • Banjo Forked Deer Scruggs Style

    Scruggs Style

    Playing fiddle tunes in Scruggs style presents its challenges. Learning the melodic version will help you accent the melody notes of Forked Deer with more clarity.

    Banjo Forked Deer Scruggs Style
  • Banjo Forked Deer Melodic Style

    Melodic Style

    Playing fiddle tunes in open D is a challenge due to the large left hand stretches in different spots. Playing major scale patterns is a great way to open up your left hand.

    Banjo Forked Deer Melodic Style
  • Banjo Forked Deer Backup Style

    Backup Style

    It's fun to imagine yourself playing behind a fiddle player when practicing Forked Deer backup. Try to make your vamping percussive and your rolling smooth and flowy.

    Banjo Forked Deer Backup Style