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Banjo tablatures for Fox on the Run

Tom T. Hall

Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #vocal song, #medium-tempo

Our protagonist in this song is so crestfallen when his affections are not returned by a golden-haired beauty, that he collapses like a fox left for dead after a chase. Tony Hazzard, who also composed Manfred Mann's smash, "Ha! Ha! Said The Clown," wrote the song. He explained in an interview with Hazzard: "I was a fan of The Band and wanted to write something I could picture with them. This is what my first project strives for. The original idea for the song itself emerged from my mind, from a vision of the day of summer and standing in a field of wheat sloping down to a lake. A friend took me to Cotehele Castle, a medieval manor castle, restored in Tudor days, on the Tamar River, which separates Cornwall from the rest of the country, several years later. We went around a corner and there was a plain "walking down to the river" all around us said, "This is the picture I had in my mind when I composed' Fox On The Run!' This track became beloved bluegrass, which seems odd as there isn't a lot of fox hunting in Kentucky. Nevertheless, the lyrics lend themselves to bluegrass harmonies, and when the track was played by the banjo player Bill Emerson, he started playing it with his duo Emerson and Waldron, and then recorded it with his group The Country Gentlemen. Tom T. Hall brought the single to #9 on the country chart in 1976, and Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs, and The Zac Brown Group all covered it.

  • Banjo Fox on the Run Scruggs Style

    Scruggs Style

    This arrangement has solid Scruggs riffs with some trip let pull-offs. Use the looper and tempo slider to solidify your timing at a comfortable tempo. Slowly move it up, then work on...

    Banjo Fox on the Run Scruggs Style
  • Banjo Fox on the Run Melodic Style

    Melodic Style

    A beautiful, flowing arrangement that blends bits of Scruggs and Melodic style playing.

    Banjo Fox on the Run Melodic Style
  • Banjo Fox on the Run Backup


    Here's some rolling backup for the verse of this tune.

    Banjo Fox on the Run Backup