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Long Journey Home banjo tabs

  • Tablatures

    Scruggs Style

    The Stanley Brothers

    If you haven't seen it already, check out the Johnson Mountain Boys' version of this tune. This version of Long Journey Home is based on that, except a lot slower.

  • Melodic Style

    The Stanley Brothers

    This is a great example of using descending scale progressions. Check out measure 3 to see the scale in action.

  • Backup

    The Stanley Brothers

    This backup version of Long Journey Home includes a good amount of slurs to show an example of what Earl Scruggs would play down-the-neck.


More about Long Journey Home

In Their Sayings: "The song ' Long Journey Home' has appeared for various artists under many alternative titles in the bluegrass canon. Yet I always felt that the banjo of Earl Scruggs had raised the version of Flatt and Scruggs to a higher level. We decided to have a few fast tempo tracks while preparing our live album that we could rely on to lift blood pressure for the fans as well as for our own. The pace and energy this song brings through the banjo of Charlie Cushman, as well as the vocals of Shawn Camp and Jeff White, make it an easy choice and a welcome new entrant to the Earls's catalog.

Here are 3 killer arrangements of Long Journey Home for you to share with friends at your next jam. The Scruggs style arrangement will get you started learning slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. Once you’re feeling confident with that try your luck with the Melodic style solo, which will teach you how to play the melody for Long Journey Home using up the neck scales. Finally, the Backup arrangement will show you how to play this song with others and sound like a pro doing it. Each Tunefox arrangement teaches you how to create your own solos by using a feature called the Lick Switcher. The Lick Switcher features different style licks such as Scruggs, Melodic, or Bluesy and you can swap out measures in Long Journey Home to learn about improvisation and creating arrangements. To use the Lick Switcher, click on the text "Original Measure" above certain measures in the song. Then select the lick you'd like to insert into the song. You can also click on "Shuffle Licks" at the bottom of the page to see a fully new version of the tablature. Tunefox also features useful tools tha...t will help you learn this arrangement of Long Journey Home. If you select the "Tools" option in the bottom bar you’ll see "Hide Notes", "Memory Train", and "Speed Up" features. Hide notes will help you train your ears by hiding some of the notes on the page for you to figure out as opposed to looking at the tab. "Memory Train" will help you retain the melody of the song by gradually hiding notes so you can rely on your ears more for memorization. Finally, the "Speed Up" tool will automatically increase the playback speed each time a measure or the song loops. Use the Tunefox backing tracks to practice the solo you’re working on or improvising over the chord changes for Long Journey Home. The backing tracks are recorded samples of real instruments to help simulate practicing with an actual band. You can adjust the volume of the instrument, band, and metronome to your liking. Members can export their arrangements into PDF, allowing them to print and bring them to their next jam session.

Long Journey Home lyrics

Cloudy in the west and it looks like rain
Look like rain, Lord, it looks like rain
Cloudy in the west and it looks like rain
I'm on my long journey home Lost all my money but two dollar bill
Two dollar bill, Lord, two dollar bill
Lost all my money but two do...> Surely is a train, Lord, it surely is a train
Black smoke a-rising and it surely is a train
I'm on my long journey home * Refrain I hear the train a-coming and I'll soon be gone
Soon be gone, Lord, I'll soon be gone
I gear the train a-coming and I'll soon be gone
I'm on my long journey home * Refrain