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Banjo tablatures for Ode to Joy

Ludwig van Beethoven

Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #melody, #two finger

Immerse yourself into the harmonious world of 'Ode to Joy' on Banjo – beautifully adapted for beginner and intermediate players. This exquisite, timeless melody, simple yet captivating, is perfect for honing your two-finger picking technique. A quintessential piece to add to your repertoire, it's a joyful musical journey that offers classic charm and rhythmic delight.

This tune is also known as "Hymn of Joy" or "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee". A man named Henry van Dyke wrote a poem to the final movement of Symphony no.9 by Beethoven.

Both arrangements are in Double C tuning. This is probably one you are unfamiliar with. It's more common for Clawhammer players, but it opens up a rich world of sound on the banjo. Start with the Melody - always. Really work on getting this down with steady timing before moving on to the two finger version

After you've gotten a hang of the melody, check out the Two Finger version of this tune. Two finger style banjo is great for beginners. It's not nearly as complex as Scruggs style three finger banjo. You can check out some licks to find some great variations that use other techniques.

  • Banjo Ode to Joy Melody


    Tune your banjo to Double C - gCGCD. The suggested fingerings in the tablature will help you play with great efficiency. It may be tough if you are a beginner. If you want to jump in...

    Banjo Ode to Joy Melody
  • Banjo Ode to Joy Two Finger

    Two Finger

    Double C tuning. Two Finger style banjo. We can create a world of sound with two fingers.

    Banjo Ode to Joy Two Finger