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Banjo tablatures for Over the Rainbow


Recomended level: Beginner

Immerse yourself in the enchanting melody of 'Over the Rainbow' arranged for Banjo. Ideal for late beginners, intermediate, and advanced players, this song comes alive on the strings, offering a beautiful chance to explore its timeless melodic charm. Unearth the beauty of this iconic tune, master its rhythmic intricacies, and let your Banjo sing 'Over the Rainbow'. A truly harmonious fusion of melody and skill, this arrangement underscores why some songs remain evergreen.

Start with the melody first. Play along with the tune fox player. The band Is going double time to give that driving bluegrass feel while the melody maintains its relaxed flow. Try out a few of the licks after you get the basic melody down.

  • Banjo Over the Rainbow Melody


    This timeless melody sounds beautiful on banjo. Get the core melody down and try adding in some licks to fill those empty spaces with beautiful cascading notes on the banjo!

    Banjo Over the Rainbow Melody