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Pig in a Pen banjo tabs

  • Tablatures

    Scruggs Style

    The Stanley Brothers

    Pig in a Pen is commonly heard at blazing speeds. If you haven't listened to Ricky Skaggs's version, go check it out!

  • Melodic Style

    The Stanley Brothers

    This melodic arrangement of Pig in a Pen is closely based on the Scruggs version and gives you a lot of examples of how to "melodify" your Scruggs arrangements.

  • Backup Style

    The Stanley Brothers

    This arrangement of Pig in a Pen gives you a ton of options for both down the neck and up the neck backup!


More about Pig in a Pen

Phish performed this traditional bluegrass tune, "Pig in a Pen," three times. It premiered as the final song of a four-song encore featuring "Reverend" Jeff Mosier on banjo on 21/22/93. (This pickin' encore actually includes a bluegrass version of' Good Times Bad Times.') The next appearance of' Pig in a Pen' came on 11/16/94, again featuring Jeff Mosier on banjo and vocals; Mosier would join Phish for four more shows that fall. That version includes good solos by Mike and Fish, who was known as "the world's leading bluegrass drummer." Three nights later, Phish covered that track in their "parking lot package" during their performance in Bloomington, Indiana, an acoustic bluegrass set featuring the Reverend on banjo, Eric Merrill on fiddle and guitar, and "Jeremy" on banjo and jaw harp.

Learn 3 different versions of Pig in a Pen, which are all shown on this page. We recommend that you get started with the Scruggs style version, where you’ll learn basic roll pattern and left hand articulations like slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. Next, move on to the Melodic arrangement to learn how to play the melody for Pig in a Pen using scales and up the next positions. Lastly, you can check out the Backup arrangement, which shows you how to play behind others while they are soloing. In every Tunefox tablature arrangement you'll find measures where you can switch out licks to see different options to use for your improvisation. This feature is called the Lick Switcher. How do you find the Lick Switcher? Look for text that says "Original Measure" over different measures in the Pig in a Pen tab you are learning and click on that text. It'll open up the Lick Switcher where you... can select a substitute measure for that spot in the song. You'll find that there are different styles of licks like Scruggs, Melodic, Bluesy, and more. Want to see a completely different version of this song? Click on "Shuffle Licks" on the bottom of tool panel to randomly shuffle the licks in the song. There are a number of fantastic learning tools in Tunefox to help you memorize, learn by ear, and improve your speed. These special features are found in the "Tools" menu at the bottom right of your screen. The "Hide Notes" tool will hide a number of the notes in the tab so you can use your ears to learn parts of the melody of the Pig in a Pen. Next, try out the "Memory Train" tool, which will hide more and more notes each time the song or measure loops. This will help get you off of the tab you’ve been working with so you can play it by memory. The "Speed Up" feature gradually speeds up the song so you can hone your technique and challenge yourself to go faster. Each Tunefox banjo Pig in a Pen tab contains real-sounding backing tracks. These backing tracks allow you to practice the arrangement you’re learning with with an entire band and you can change volume of the band, banjo and metronome to suit your liking. Once you’ve settled on an arrangement of Pig in a Pen using the Lick Switcher, export your arrangement to a PDF file so you can print it out and take it with you. This is a member-only feature.

Pig in a Pen lyrics

I got a pig at home in a pen
Corn to feed him on
All I need's a pretty little girl
To feed I'm when I'm gone Going up on a mountain
To sow a little cane
Put that old gray bonnet
On little Liza Jane * Refrain Going up on a mountain
To ...ck smoke arising
Sure sign of rain
Put that old gray bonnet
On little Liza Jane * Refrain Yonder comes that gal of mine
How do you think I know
Tell by that gingham gown
Hanging down so low * Refrain Bake them biscuits baby
Bake em good and brown
When you get them biscuits baked
We're Alabama bound * Refrain