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Banjo tablatures for Scruggs Backup Licks


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #exercises, #vocabulary, #licks

Developed based on the innovative style of Earl Scruggs, these tablatures showcase a variety of classic backup licks used in traditional bluegrass music. Each lick is carefully notated with precise finger placements, allowing banjoists to emulate Scruggs' signature sound and add depth to their playing. With this lick-pack, banjo players can learn the art of tasteful and supportive backup, enhancing the overall musical experience in a band setting. Whether accompanying vocals or other instrumentalists, mastering these licks empowers banjo enthusiasts to be an indispensable part of the bluegrass ensemble, preserving and perpetuating the timeless essence of this beloved musical genre.

  • Banjo Scruggs Backup Licks Key of G

    Key of G

    This tab features 4 classic Scruggs back up licks in the key of G. These licks are in closed position, so once you learn them in G, try them in other keys!

    Banjo Scruggs Backup Licks Key of G
  • Banjo Scruggs Backup Licks Key of C

    Key of C

    More closed position licks. These licks are not unique to the key of C, so try them out in a variety of keys for faster internalization.

    Banjo Scruggs Backup Licks Key of C