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Banjo tablatures for There is a Time

The Dillards

Recomended level: Intermediate

Explore the mesmerizing melody of 'There is a Time', featuring the timeless magic of Banjo. This song, characterized by its captivating minor key, is an extraordinary composition by The Dillards, spotlighting the virtuoso Doug Dillard. It employs the classic Scruggs Style, striking a perfect balance between noteworthiness and approachability. From beginners just discovering their rhythm to advanced players seeking a vibrant challenge, 'There is a Time' serves as a thrilling journey in musical exploration for all Banjo enthusiasts.

Check out the melody first and learn the chord changes. You can learn the different chord shapes by clicking on the chord letters above the tablature. This helps lay a great foundation. Scruggs style banjo playing largely uses rolls out of chord shapes while highlighting melody notes. If you know your basic rolls and the song's melody and chord changes, then you are setup of success!

After memorizing the melody and trying a few licks out. The licks incorporate some basic rolls and pieces of the melody. You can create an entire Scruggs style arrangement just by switching out all the licks here!

If you are up for a challenge, check out the Dillard Style versions of this tune. These are a transcriptions of Doug Dillard's banjo breaks from the "The Dillards Live!! Almost!!" album. Many of the licks are transcriptions of his picking as well. When getting serious about an art, imitating the masters is a great way to learn and helps you to develop an authentic style that is steeped in the tradition.

  • Banjo There is a Time Melody


    Learn the basic melody first. Try to sing the words while you play it. This helps with your memory and timing in a natural way. Try a few licks after getting the arrangement down. Th...

    Banjo There is a Time Melody
  • Banjo There is a Time Dillard Style

    Dillard Style

    This transcription is based on the playing of Doug Dillard. The arrangements and many of the licks are based on his playing from the Dillard's "Live!! Almost!!" record.

    Banjo There is a Time Dillard Style
  • Banjo There is a Time Dillard Style - 2

    Dillard Style - 2

    This arrangement is another transcription of Doug's playing. It is based on the second break he takes on the Live!! Almost!! record. There's a few different approaches he uses in the...

    Banjo There is a Time Dillard Style - 2