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Banjo tablatures for Wiegenlied

Johannes Brahms

Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #classical, #brahms, #banjo, #melodic, #single string, #scruggs

Wiegenlied, also known as "Brahms' Lullaby," is a renowned and soothing German lullaby composed by Johannes Brahms. Its gentle melody and tender lyrics make it a beloved song for calming and comforting babies and children around the world. The lullaby's warm embrace, combined with Brahms' musical brilliance, creates a serene atmosphere that transcends language and cultural barriers. With a timeless charm, Wiegenlied continues to be a cherished part of bedtime rituals, carrying a sense of love and tranquility to generations of young dreamers. Its enduring popularity and universal appeal make it a true gem in the realm of lullabies, embracing the hearts of both young and old with its soothing embrace.

  • Banjo Wiegenlied Classic


    Almost everyone knows this tune. It's a lot of fun to play on Banjo. You might try and sweeten up your tone by picking closer to then neck. You can darken the tone even more if...

    Banjo Wiegenlied Classic