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Banjo tablatures for Woah Mule


Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #banjo, #bluegrass, #mule, #woah, #bucking, #buckin, #scruggs, #earl, #lesson, #learn, #tablature

"Woah Mule" is a classic bluegrass instrumental made famous by Raymond Fairchild. The Scruggs style is great for beginner banjo players or experienced players. It features a range of techniques, including pinches and basic rolls. Beginner players can use the slider to start off with a very simple melody and a few pinches. More experienced players can select a wide number of licks to customize this arrangement in many different ways

The upbeat, cheerful melody is sure to get your feet tapping and set the energy of any gathering - no matter the occasion! With a bit of practice and the help of tunefox practice tools, anyone can pick up this piece and progress quickly. So gather around, put on "Woah Mule" and start picking!

  • Banjo Woah Mule Bluegrass


    This is a classic tune that comes from the mountains, but is often heard at bluegrass jams. You can use the difficulty slider to strip this one down to something nice and simple. If ...

    Banjo Woah Mule Bluegrass