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Cluck Old Hen guitar tabs

  • Tablatures



    This simplified version of Cluck Old Hen is based on the Fiddle playing of Alison Krauss. Her version is based on the Stanley Brothers. If you are a beginner player learning this tune, don't feel bad about trying to practice and learn at a tempo below 60. Go as slow as you need to get the notes right. Pause and go note by note, then measure by measure if you have to. Once you start connecting notes and phrases, slowly work your way up to the goal tempo of 60 bpm. If you are an intermediate or advanced player you can use this simple version and challenge yourself by cranking up the tempo :)

  • Intermediate


    This version of Cluck Old Hen is very closely based on the fiddle playing of Allison Krauss, with some of the riffs being adjusted for intermediate guitar players, but the spirit is still there. Alison puts the Blue in Bluegrass, and so can you! Work on this at what ever tempo is comfortable, and try to build it up to the 125-130bpm range which is where Alison & Union Station played it.

  • Advanced


    This is based on the traditional arrangement of Cluck Old Hen, rather than the Stanley Brothers' take. It is deceptively simple. Watch out for the cross-picking riffs in measures 2 and 4. If you want more challenge and variety remember to switch out the licks. Hit shuffle and get a completely different arrangement! When coming up with your own licks, make use of the harmonic minor scale, especially when passing over that E chord.


More about Cluck Old Hen

Choose from 3 different versions of Cluck Old Hen for bluegrass guitar based on your skill level. The beginner arrangement of this song will teach you a basic melody and from that place you can move to the intermediate tab and then to the advanced version, which will get you playing some more popular bluegrass guitar vocabulary.

The "Speed-Up" and "Memory-Train" practice tools offer ways for you to practice technique and memorizing the arrangement of Cluck Old Hen you’re learning. Speed-Up will automatically increase the tempo of the song or selection that you’re practicing while Memory-Train deletes notes from the tab each time it loops to help you commit the melody to memory. To select and loop sections of the song, click on them with your cursor.

Want to practice with a band? Use the Tunefox Cluck Old Hen backing tracks! These real-sounding tracks sound great and the settings will allow you to adjust the volume of the guitar, band, or metronome.

What to learn some variations on the melody of Cluck Old Hen? In each arrangement of this song you’ll find multiple licks that you can switch out to explore and discover new ways to play the song and learn about different styles along the way. Use the lick switcher by clicking on "Original Measure" above certain measures. To see a completely new arrangement of the song, click on "Shuffle Licks" in the bottom right corner of the page.

Members can export their arrangements into PDF, allowing them to print and bring them to their next jam session.